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The Middleton Wedding

March 13, 2021 was a great day for a wedding. SSSE and Debbie Gentry Photography had the honor of being a part of Brandon and Ashley's Wedding. They are now THE MIDDLETONS!! The Wedding was held at The Johnny Knight Treehouse in Mendenhall, MS and is the perfect setting if you are looking for a Venue that gives you that: "I'm in the mountains" feel. Such a unique, hidden venue. The Ceremony was beautiful...taking place just at sunset and it was perfect. Debbie caught some great pics... I can't wait to see the finished product on her work. The food was great, The Reception was a lot of fun... and the party that followed went well into the night. It was a great time that we will not soon forget. Thanks Brandon and Ashley for letting us be a part of the celebration and we wish you 2 the very best. ...............................ds

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