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SSSE Blog 6/17/2024 ~ Episode 1

I am so excited about this new venture that we are starting TODAY!! This is our inaugural Blog here on the website and there will be many more to come. Check with us each Monday of the week for a new blog and new topic of the week.

Our topic this week is for everyone that is planning a Wedding or some sort of a special event... A wedding or special event that is going to have some sort of live entertainment, a band, or a live DJ. There are so many things to consider when hiring your live entertainment... but we are going to leave that topic up for discussion on another SSSE Blog. Today we will be discussing what, or should I say where you should place your hired band or DJ. Yes, I said "Where."

Location, Location, Location!!! Everyone who books with Solid Steele Sounds Entertainment says the same thing... such as: "We want this Wedding/Corporate Event/Party/Reunion to be a real party!!" or they just let me know - "This is going to be a party!!" Everyone wants to make sure that their guests have a great time and that the dance floor stays packed. Today I am going to give you some things to consider to make sure that this happens.

I will start off with a recipe for success at your event: When setting up your floor plan for seating, food buffet, high-top tables, alcohol bar, dance floor, and of course band/DJ setup... here are the things that will help.

  1. When choosing where to put tables for seating...keep them away from the Band/DJ Area.

  2. Always place your high top (Standing Only) tables around the dance floor area.

  3. The dance floor should always be right in front of the entertainment. Do not separate those two ever.

  4. The Alcohol Bar should always be in close proximity of the entertainment. Do not separate those two ever.

Very simple things to remember: If you have a great band or DJ, they will be able to really work the room as it should be done to ensure a great party and a full dance floor.

OK... Recipe for disaster for your event and for your entertainment.

  1. Entertainment should be set up on a stage, or specified place for the band/dj and the dance floor should NOT be placed in the middle of the room, or far away from the entertainment. It is very difficult for your guest to connect with the entertainers, the music, and the party vibe in the room. Not to mention that most bands and DJ's have dance floor lighting that will not be able to be used with the dance floor being so far away. Great example is...I have been to many concerts in my life... I have sat in the "nose bleed" section of an arena and I have had front row seating at the stage... I am sure that you already know where I am going with this... In the very back, seating up high...NO FUN SIR!!! Front row at the stage?? WE PARTIED!!!! Always, Always, Always have your entertainment and your dance floor connected.

  2. OK... This is a big one...this is a 100% Party Killer. Never put your entertainment inside a venue and your alcohol bar outside!!! Outside as in OUTSIDE!! I have been doing what I do for many years... here is what happens. I start playing music and entertaining... to NOBODY!!! Because they are all out at the bar. I get it...I would be at the bar as well. The evening starts moving pretty fast and the paid entertainment is in the "home stretch" of the event, and best/favorite songs have been played. Now we are at the end of the event... everyone comes in from outside and they are ready to party. However, the night is practically over, the venue hours are up, the photographer has gone home, and the entertainment is wrapping it up. It's just a really bad position to be in for an entertainer...and the party is over before it even starts.

  3. In a nutshell...Never-Ever seperate your entertainment from the dance floor or the alohol bar. Those three should always be in the same area.

There you have it... Location, Location, Location....

Until next time... Keep Your Feet On The Ground and Your Head In The Stars. ~ Casey Kasem


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