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SSSE ~ Solid Steele Sounds Entertainment

Let me talk to ya!! #yeah

Time sure does fly...we are entering our 12th year of Full Time DJ'ing as our own entity/company. I can tell you that over the years we have had some ups, some downs... but through it all we have had a blast getting to celebrate and party with some of the best people in the entire world. Getting to do something that I love; at such awesome events is something that never gets old, and I will never take it for granted. With that being said...I want to say THANK YOU to each and every person that has booked myself/SSSE to supply the very best in live entertainment.

As I said, we have been full speed ahead now for almost 12 years, and after playing 100's and 100's of events over the years... I have learned a lot. When I say I have learned a lot, I mean good & bad. Mostly from experience... and some from watching others. Although Solid Steele Sounds Entertainment has been around since 2013... I personally have been in the DJ world since I was 16 years old!!! I really don't want to talk about how many years back that was. LOL. With all of that experience, lessons, wins, losses, ups, downs, trial & errors ...I have decided to start using this blog section of my website to give some advice for anyone that is planning an event and thinking about hiring Live Entertainment.

Also, My Beautiful and Talented Wife, Debbie (Cornbread) Steele who owns and operates Debbie Steele Photography will be joining in on some of my blogs giving insight from the world of photography. We have our own little sanctuary out our back door that includes a beautiful patio/pool area and enough plants and palms to consider it being a botanical garden... This is where we sit, relax, have some drinks and discuss our crazy travels and experiences... That is the place where the idea of this blog took birth... and here we are.

I invite you to check in with us weekly... A new blog every Monday to start your week off. I promise you will be entertained, you will laugh, you will cry... but most importantly you will find very helpful information when it comes to planning events, hiring vendors, setting up events, things to look for, and things to watch out for...if that makes sense. So, we are excited about this next step in our journey and look forward to getting feedback from you as well.

First Blog will be June, 17, 2024... I look forward to talking and sharing with you all then.

David & Debbie Steele

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