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Time Line, Time Line, Time Line

Today I will be addressing the dreaded Reception Time Line!! Let me start off by saying… this has nothing to do with your Ceremony. THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO THE RECEPTION.

As I have said in previous blog post… I have many, many years and 100’s of wedding behind me. I do not just go and entertain and play music each week…I observe, listen, and soak in every little detail that works great, works “EHHH,” and is a total “F Word” that would be FAILURE!!! Trust me, I have seen just about everything… I will not say that I have seen it all…because just when I think I have… I get a big ol’ surprise, surprise, surprise!!! LOL.

Before we go any further… I want to say that I am not a wedding planner, nor a coordinator. I have the honor to work with some of the best in the business here in Mississippi and I respect the work that they do to assure that Brides and Grooms have the best day possible. I am sure that some of them will roll their eyes at me or shake their heads… but sitting down and putting “Time Stamps” on anything at The Reception is not realistic. Definitely make a list and place everything in the order that you would like things to take place… but never a time. Timing is nonexistent at a Wedding Reception. Get things in the order that you want… and then go with the flow of the night. (Sorry Wedding Planners & Coordinators, you know its true though.)

So, with that being said… let me share some things with you that may help you along your Wedding Journey. Everyone knows and respects that this day is about The Bride & The Groom… as well it should be… however, The Bride and Groom need to keep in mind that Mom & Dad (in most cases) are paying for the wedding…and keep in mind that 100’s of family members and friends have blocked off time in their busy lives to come share in your special day. These people want to see you, hug your neck, shake your hand, get a picture, share a toast… Staying on that train of thought… what happens at 99% of weddings? The Ceremony ends… More pictures must be taken… then, The Bride & Groom are taken off to a hidden, private room to eat?  By the time all of that has taken place… The Reception is at a good hour, or more in and guest are getting tired, and some have left, or getting ready to go. Oh Yes!!! They will leave…I watch it happen every week.

Now, I know that things must be done right after The Ceremony… that is a given… Just keep it to a minimum, and get to YOUR party asap. 30Min Tops. It is your day… but respect your peeps.

Another thing that I have seen over the years is that during the heart of The Reception/Party… The Bride wants to do a Wardrobe Change. Again, I am not being critical here… I get it… I have 3 daughters so I know how women are about fashion and bling. Gonna keep this point short and sweet… If this must be done… make it quick. The DJ/Band is in full swing, and you will be missing your own party.

As I mentioned before… forget a Time Stamped time line… let your planner, coordinator read the room for you as when to do certain things… Its what they do and they are great at it. They will know when the best time for The Bouquet Toss is, The Garter, The Fake Leave... This is what you pay them to do... let them take care of you.

The just of this Blog is this… Every Bride and Groom wants a fun and festive celebration… the best way to make that happen is for you to be present as much as possible. It is your day… You are the star attraction!! The day is about you… BE PRESENT AND ENJOY IT!!

OK I hope some of this helps... I wish for nothing but the best for you as you are on your Wedding Day Journey... While you're here on my website... take a look around and if you have any questions or comments... hit me up.

“Remember to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars.” ~ Casey Kasem

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